I think I’ve chosen my Pompeii case studies! Yay! I started with the 30 atrium houses used by Allison in Pompeian Households. After having narrowed these down to about 6 that seemed interesting and were well-preserved, I had a bit of a problem getting any farther. All of these houses were relatively well-excavated and published, but I wanted more from all of them (an unrealistic expectation that I am getting over).

My next step was see how many of the important sources on each I could find. A few had been the subject of an entire volume of Hauser in Pompeji, but German is by far the worst of the languages I read (or pretend to read), so this was less exciting than it could have been. All of them had some treatment in the Notizie degli Scavi which are the Italian excavation reports from the 1870s to the present. Unfortunately, I was looking for certain volumes (1927, 1929, 1933, 1934) but could only find 1990-now in Swem and 1877-1930 online. (Italian is much easier to read)

Eventually I narrowed it down to four houses; Casa dei Ceii (I 6, 15) and Casa del Fabbro (I 10, 7) were “average” sized houses while Casa dell’Efebo (I 7, 10-12) and Casa degli Amorini Dorati (VI 16, 7) were in the largest quartile. I wanted to end up with one of each, and if possible, a small house which followed the atrium pattern less/not at all.

Without much more unnecessary detail, I finally (after a week or so) was able to choose! This is mostly because I stumbled upon another GREAT resource that I had not yet seen! Turns out, not only is Regio I Insula 10 being studied currently and the preliminary report is in Swem, but Allison has done a finds study on the entire area with another online companion! Not only did I get 200 more artifact records for the Casa del Fabbro, but I found a small house with no atrium that had records as well (no name, but I 10, 1).

So here they are:

  • Casa dell’Efebo (I 7, 10-12) is my largest house, with a ground area of 660m2. It has several entrances and an extra front hall (aka atrium).
  • Casa del Fabbro (I 10, 7) is the “average-sized” house for which Allison records more than 700 artifacts.
  • I 10, 1 is the small square set of 5 rooms at the top right corner. This plan, incidentally, shows the entirety of Insula 10, Region I; Door 7 leads to the Casa del Fabbro.