I almost literally cannot believe it’s almost December and finals…

First, general updates on things mentioned previously:

GRE went well, but I’ve pretty much decided to take a year between now and grad school to do a Post-Baccalaureate program for Greek and Latin. This will be good for me in many ways.

My abstract for CAMWS (the Classical Association of the Midwest and South) was recently accepted! I got the letter just before my birthday, which was amazing timing. So, I’ll be presenting “Shedding Light on Roman Social Practice: Artifact Assemblage Analysis at Pompeii and Karanis” in March at the annual meeting in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. Exciting!

Thesis-wise: I’ve limited the scope to just Pompeii and Karanis, which is MORE than enough material. This semester I’ve taken the paper I wrote for “Romans at Home” last semester and have been completely reworking it to be thesis-ready. Thus, I will have a complete chapter done by the end of finals, if all goes well. At the moment, I’ve got about ten pages of it that I consider to be pretty much done, and I have about 13 pages to rework (though, the part I’ve revamped involved INTENSE changes and additions, while at least half of the chapter remaining is fairly ok and requires less effort). I’m also working on the methodology and theory chapter.

I’ll try to actually update this from now on. This semester has been tough, but springtime should be a nice easy one (*fingers crossed*)